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Pheasant Hunting Safety for a Safe South Dakota Pheasant Hunt

At Maple River Pheasant Hunts, we want every hunter to have a great hunt, but never at the expense of the other hunters or dogs in the field. Therefore, we expect that everyone that hunts with us, abides by specific pheasant hunting safety expectations. Some of them are quite elementary, but we believe that it’s always good practice to review and agree to abide by these expectations before starting in the field.

1. Blaze orange vests and/or hats are required.

2. We ask that hunters wear some kind of eye protection which can include: sunglasses, prescription glasses or shooting glasses.

3. No loaded guns in the vehicles. Guns may be transported uncased in South Dakota.

4. Know where your gun is pointed at all times (while loading and unloading, carrying, shooting, etc).

5. Gun must have the safety on at all times except when shooting a bird.

6. Know where everyone in the field is at all times.

7. No shooting pheasants on the ground. Birds must be airborne. This is also good sportsmanship.

8. Do not shoot low flying pheasants. Wait until birds are well above everyone’s head before shooting.

9. When surrounding/driving birds, wait until birds are away from the group before you shoot. Never shoot into the group or at your blockers or drivers.

10. Alcohol is not allowed while hunting. You will have plenty of time afterward to celebrate the day’s accomplishments.

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