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South Dakota Pheasant Hunting

South Dakota Guided & Semi Guided Hunting Trips

If you haven’t hunted many pheasants, then some of the suggestions below may be helpful in making your South Dakota Pheasant Hunt work for you.

• First and foremost, know the South Dakota rules and regulations regarding pheasant hunting. Game wardens do show up and ignorance will not get you off the hook!

• You can only shoot roosters when wild bird hunting in South Dakota. However, you will find at times you can’t identify a rooster or hen, due to lighting, direction, etc. Therefore, always call out, hen or rooster if you can see what it is for the benefit of your pheasant hunting party and to ensure you don’t let a rooster get by or that you end up shooting a hen.
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Pheasant Hunting Safety for a Safe South Dakota Pheasant Hunt

At Maple River Pheasant Hunts, we want every hunter to have a great hunt, but never at the expense of the other hunters or dogs in the field. Therefore, we expect that everyone that hunts with us, abides by specific pheasant hunting safety expectations. Some of them are quite elementary, but we believe that it’s always good practice to review and agree to abide by these expectations before starting in the field.

1. Blaze orange vests and/or hats are required.

2. We ask that hunters wear some kind of eye protection which can include: sunglasses, prescription glasses or shooting glasses.

3. No loaded guns in the vehicles. Guns may be transported uncased in South Dakota.
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